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30 Jan. 2008

Two of my granddaughters, Krysta (3) and Courtney(5)

I haven't had a lot of experience with blogging, So lets see how I go.

A lot of traditional scrappers I know shudder when I tell them I digital scrap, but I love to do it more than traditional because I hate dragging my entire craft supplies to find that brad, rub-on, etc, not to mention the zillion sheets of cardstock (you have to have the right colour you know)!
And then theres the multitude of adhesives (each has its purpose I might add) and the cutters and the.......need I go on. And THEN, the putting away afterwards. It just never seems to fit back where it come from Hmmm.
I'm so glad I discovered digital scrapbooking, its just as addictive as traditional. Combine the two and you have 'hybrid scrapbooking'
I never heard the term 'hybrid scrapbooking' until today after reading this post I see I have been doing it for years it just didn't have a name yet (for me).

Hybrid Scrapbookingby Maureen Spell (Nov 15, 2006) Over the years scrapbookers have utilized the computer to aid their scrapbooking creations. We download fonts, type our journaling, print transparencies, and even create complete digital layouts. Many might think that digital and paper scrapbooking can't mix, but it can! The unique term for this partnership is called hybrid scrapbooking--combining traditional and digital elements on a scrapbooking page. Most likely if you are reading this article, you know a little something about your computer. If you view your computer as a scrapbooking tool, the possibilities are endless." You can see the full message at http://www.scrapjazz.com a great site of information.

Anyway, Back to my scrapping.

Bye for now
Cheers Tracy

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Lesley said...

Hi welcome to the world of blogging. This is looking good and thanks for adding my blog link at the top..seeya Lesley