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16 Mar 2015

22 Oct 2010

Relatively Speaking you're my what ... 4th cousin 3 times removed?

First Cousin: Your first cousins are the people in your family who have at least one of the same grandparents as you. In other words, they are the children of your aunts and uncles.

Second Cousin: Your second cousins are the people in your family who share the same great-grandparent with you.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Cousins: Your third cousins share at least one great-great-grandparent; fourth cousins share a great-great-great-grandparent, and so on.

Removed: When the word "removed" is used to describe a relationship, it indicates that the two people are from different generations. "Once removed" indicates a difference of one generation, "twice removed" indicates a difference of two generations, and so forth.

11 Oct 2010


Watch this space
for more information on the
family reunion
Sept 1 2018 
Euroa Victoria,

29 Oct 2008

Aussie Genealogy Links

Have any links to add please let me know
Researching family history
- a good place for beginners

Genealogy search group for Aussies and abroad. This is the FRIENDLY place to have a chat about GENEALOGY and more. So grab your self a cuppa (or something a little stronger), pull up your chair, and have a little chat

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8 Aug 2008

Name Search

If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton. You may as well make it dance.

27 Jun 2008

Wet Feet

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